phpBB 3.0.x end of maintenance/life

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phpBB 3.0.x end of maintenance/life

Post by Malchome » 16 Mar 2015, 19:02

What are the plans for when the BB version supported goes past end of life?

Is this then a dead project? Will there be migration and upgrade paths for then phpBB 3.2.x?

via phpBB website
Currently the planned schedule is as follows:
Nov 2014 - 3.1.0 Release
May 2015 - 3.0.x End of Maintenance
Nov 2015 - 3.0.x End of Life, 3.2.0 Release
May 2016 - 3.1.x End of Maintenance
Nov 2016 - 3.1.x End of Life, 3.3.0 Release
May 2017 - 3.2.x End of Maintenance

I am looking to make plans for this and whether to migrate to another platform like Joomla or another BB software system. IF this software is going to be updated into an extension or decouple with phpBB and be a standalone installation I want to see what the options are.