Todo List for 1.4

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Todo List for 1.4

Post#1 » 30 Oct 2014, 11:31

Todo List for 1.4
Estimated release date: 02-11-2014

  1. finalise these issues
    • #253 missing language entries in german/french/italian
    • #252 Implement new WOW API
    • #249 allow two users from different realms in the same guild OK Done
    • #248 update SWTOR races OK Done
    • #247 moved all js to subfolder /template/dkp/js OK Done
    • #246 Add Sliders to statistics page OK Done
    • #242 enable icon uploads in acp OK Done
    • #241 roster acp should use outer joins OK Done
    • #240 update Aion game parameters OK Done
    • #239 added correct classpath to rpblocks class in class_exists checker in block factoryOK Done
    • #226 move role acp from raidplanner to bbdkp : new Roles & Recruitment class/table: The roles are now in a separate class and table. A new 'recruitment' class/table holds number of positions and applicants. the Apply plugin will update the recruitment table and so you have a live view of recruitments through the recruitment block. Also, Raidplanner will use the bbdkp roles table to fill in raidroles. OK Done
    • #223 update constants file deprecated GAMES_TABLE, LOGS_TABLE, EVENTS_TABLE constant updated to BBGAMES_TABLE, BBLOGS_TABLE, BBEVENTS_TABLE constants OK Done
    • #212 Italian translation OK Done
    • #196 Implement Guildwars API
    • #192 bbdkp user panel - kicking characters
    • #189 Edit armor types
    • #188 translate faction name

  2. Test install of 1.4 package
  3. Test update from 1.3.x to 1.4
  4. merge branch 1.4 into develop

    Code: Select all

    git checkout develop
    git merge --no-ff dev-140

  5. merge branch 1.4 into develop

    Code: Select all

    git checkout master
    git merge --no-ff develop

  6. Upload packages
  7. Prepare an announcement

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