Development status 3 may

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Development status 3 may

Post#1 » 03 May 2014, 04:25


bbdkp 1.3, Gameworld, pbwow2 integration, bbtips, Apply, Jade, Deatwing are now all done.

The current focus is now on
  • getting Raidplanner 1.0 out. I've got 4 pending bugs on Raidplanner that need fixing.
  • releasing the Raidtracker plugin. the code is almost done but i need to test it. for that i'd nned some current KA_Raidtracker, Mizus Raidtracker raid xml logs. if someone can provide those i'd appreciate it.

When those 2 are done, development will shift totally to migration of Mods to phpbb 3.1 Extensions.

Thanks for using our mods ;)

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Re: Development status 3 may

Post#2 » 21 May 2014, 12:29

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to 3.1 more and more each day. :)

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