integration of bbdkp info cpf fields

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integration of bbdkp info cpf fields

Post by Sajaki » 19 Jun 2014, 17:20

At the moment, the characters owned by a phpbb memberid are shown in viewtopic, but this is not integrated in the cpf listing. it is just a manipulation of the viewtopic.php page.
if this were integrated in the cpf structure, information could be shown elsewhere aswell.

Mods like pbwow2 add manual cpf entries, where the user has to edit the cpf fields by himself in the acp. i think this is redundant because the info is already stored in the bbdkp memberlist table.

So what i propose is that bbdkp autocreates cpf fields and fills them at the moment a member links a character with his/her phpbb account.

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Re: integration of bbdkp info cpf fields

Post by Blazeflack » 19 Jun 2014, 23:08

Sounds like a good idea.
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