World Of Logs/guildox

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World Of Logs/guildox

Post by nigel » 09 May 2014, 22:26

Sorry to be so needy, but... is there a way to add world of logs/guildox to the bbdkp system?

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Re: World Of Logs/guildox

Post by Sajaki » 11 May 2014, 09:27


i found this on the Wol forums,
it seems they have a feed for the logs. i'm trying to figure it out to pull data from that.
something like this you want ? ... s/players/

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Re: World Of Logs/guildox

Post by Blazeflack » 11 May 2014, 18:45

I would suggest everyone move their focus to instead of World of Logs. WoL hasn't been actively maintained for a very long time, it is riddled with bugs and the dev is non-responsive towards it.

WarcraftLogs is being actively developed and already has more features than WoL, despite it only being in beta.
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