Request: Multiple bbtip databases/more p-server support

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Request: Multiple bbtip databases/more p-server support

Post by Ciq91 » 10 Jan 2014, 17:18


I'd really appreciate to have an bbtip-version for every wow expansion,
not only retail to even provide such great feature even for non mainstream guilds.

I don't know how hard it would be to create such an feature with an working database like .. on the right top you can choose between vanilla and tbc database ...

But there are definately a lot of guilds who are searching for such forum/page/dkp-system and acting in the private server duo of the bad way wow has chosen ...

I'd even support you with bigger donations If you would implement such feature.

On my p-server for example are over 20 40 Men Raiding Guilds who are still using bad pages/systems because they don't find good solutions.

And I think I can advertise pbwow/bbdkp for the community if it also supports "classic servers".

Wow-One offers 3 great servers with 2-3k player peeks per server in totally.
That means about 60 guilds who looking for a working homepage-system and who would easily skip all the other community-pages for more private game support.