Rift classes

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Rift classes

Post by ZoeF » 30 Jul 2013, 14:35

This is the first time i used bbdkp so if this is in there somewhere il be very happy.

In rift alot of people have diffrent roles so they can be either a tank and a dps or dps and healing or .... .

Now in the curent bbdkp i don't seem to find anything where a person can select diffrent roles. You are either dps or heal or tank. But nowhere can you select multiple.

I believe it would be a better option to make people select diffrent roles (as playable) that can be played by them.

So in the char creation you would get something like
calling (dropdown)
  • warrior
  • rogue
  • mage
  • cleric
role (selection boxes) [] dps [] healing [] tank [] support

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Re: Rift classes

Post by Sajaki » 30 Jul 2013, 17:48

for the new release 1.3, i reduced the number of Rift classes to 4 main classes, and there is also a new role feature.