I'm here!!!!

Say hello and show off your bbDKP examples here ;)
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I'm here!!!!

Post by MONDOR » 31 Aug 2017, 19:18

Hello everybody!!! My name is Jose but in all site my nick is Mondor.
I'm admin of a forum for gameboards, RPG, and any ideas for "old school player", I don know if I can post link of my forum, but if I can't, is not problem for me (is not important).
I like the your work, for players, for games and for component release of PhPbb!!
I like the style WoW3!!! Its awesome and difficult work of graphics and tecnical script!! Is the best for me and my team!!

So...now we have change the machine for forum and now we want upgrades the graphic....and I have questions...
Can I grab your style for use into my forum? :D
Can I change the graphic style for my contents?

I'm wait your reply.

I'm so sorry for my bad english...the games are a problem for the students! :mrgreen:
Thanks all