[WoW] - Puur Hollands Guild

Say hello and show off your bbDKP examples here ;)
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[WoW] - Puur Hollands Guild

Post#1 » 30 May 2012, 08:57



Installed Mods:

bbDKP 1.2.8
Raidplanner 0.50

a mix of :
Cooperative Orange + LucidLime + WowCataclsym with some custom layouts
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Re: [WoW] Puur Hollands

Post#2 » 31 May 2012, 21:11

I have question. How did you edid top menu bar (Portal-Apply-DKP-RaidsLogs-Board index)
Which file, or is it made by style Lucidlime? Thanks a lot ;)

BTW: nice, simply, functional portal ;)

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